Contractor's Qualification Statement


The Undersigned certifies under oath that the information provided herein is true and sufficiently complete so as not to be misleading.  

Submitted To:
Submitted By: C-AIR-S Mechanical, Inc
Name: Andy Skipski
Address: 8340 Fawndale, Houston TX 77040
Principal Office: President
Name of Project (If Applicable):
Type of Work:

__________ General Construction ____X____ HVAC
__________ Plumbing _________ Electric
__________ Other (please specify)

1.0  Organization

1.1 How many years has your organization been in business as a contractor?

21 years
1.2 How many years has your organization been in business under its present name?

26 years

1.2.1 Under what other or former names has your organization operated?

C-AIR-S Mechanical, LP
1.3 If your organization is a corporation, answer the following:

1.3.1 Date of incorporation: April 23rd 1988

1.3.2 State of incorporation: Texas

1.3.3 President's name: Andrew Skipski

1.3.4 Vice-president's name: Donald W. Rose Jr.

1.3.5 Secretary's name: Eugenia J. Qualls

1.3.6 Treasurer's name: 
1.4 If your organization is a partnership, answer the following: NOT APPLICABLE

1.4.1 Date of organization (conversion):

1.4.2 Type of partnership (if applicable):

1.4.3 Name(s) of general partner(s):
1.5 If your organization is individually owned, answer the following: NOT APPLICABLE

1.5.1 Date of organization:

1.5.2 Name of owner:
1.6 If the form of your organization is other than those listed above, describe it and name the principals: NOT APPLICABLE

























2.0  Licensing

2.1 List jurisdictions and trade categories in which your organization is legally qualified to do business and indicate registration or license numbers, if applicable: Texas Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractor's License   #A000472C
2.2 List jurisdictions in which your organizations partnership or trade name is filed: Our Corporate Charter was filed with the State of Texas and our assumed name is filed with Harris County




3.0  Experience

3.1 List the categories of work that your organization normally performs within its own forces:
1 Hospitals- New construction, remodel and design build
2 Restaurants - New construction, remodel and design build.
3 Tenant work
4 Thermal Storage - design build
5 Educational Facilities- New construction and remodel
3.2 Claims and suits (If the answer to any of the questions below is yes, please attach details.)

3.2.1 Has your organization every failed to complete any work awarded to it?NO

3.2.2 Are there any judgments, claims, arbitration proceedings or suits pending or outstanding against your organization or its officers?NO

3.2.3 Has your organization filed any law suits or requested arbitration with regard to construction contracts within the last five years?
3.3 Within the last five years, has an officer or principal of your organization ever been an officer or principal of another organization when it failed to complete a construction contract? NO
3.4 On a separate sheet list major construction projects your organization has in progress, giving the name of project, owner, architect, contract amount, percent complete and scheduled completion date.

3.4.1 State total worth of work in progress and under contract.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE DETAILS
3.5 On a separate sheet, list the major projects your organization has completed in the past five years, giving the name of project, owner, architect, contract amount, date of completion and percentage of the cost of the work performed with your own forces. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE DETAILS

3.5.1 State average annual amount of construction work performed during the past five years. $17,234,067
3.6 On a separate sheet, list the construction experience and present commitments of the key individuals of your organization.


4.0  References

4.1 Trade References:
Vendor Contact Tel Number
A/C Eng. Systems Ian Taxman (281) 530-3700
Vicon John Goss (713) 784-4647
W. L. Lashley Randall Sutton (713) 462-8888
The Trane Company Kevin Murphy 713-267-5756
Carson Supply Howel Hubble (713)661-3444
Johnson Supply Crissy Silva (713) 661-6666
Oslin Nation Steve Aytes (713)699-3500
Business Contact Tel Number
Beck-Ford Construction Bob Becktell (713) 896-7774
Vaughn Construction Mike Simpson (713) 243-8300
SpawMaxwell Company Steve Mechler (713) 956-4500
Southcoast Construction Julian Clepper (713) 222-2308
The Trevino Group Bill Trevino (713) 863-8333
MD Anderson Cancer Center Daniel Frederick (713) 745-0308
The Beck Group Ralph Marquez (713) 567-8490
AT&T Mark Pasqua (713) 567-6494
Sterling Structures Jay Carlton (713) 827-7447
Schneider Electric Justin Walker 804-330-5660
RWS and Associates Architects John Robertson (713)621-1677
R.H. George and Associates Alan Penn (281) 664-1900
Klein Independent School District Art Smith (832)249-4516
Quad-Tex Construction George Chmelar (979)774-9341
Bank References Comerica Bank #xxxxxx31661 (713) 507-2197

Dunn & Bradstreet #18-112-4389 Rating: 3A1
4.3 Surety

Name of bonding company: HUB International WM Rigg

Name and address of agent: Lawrence L Rhodes (713) 425-6631

10777 Westheimer, Suite 300

Houston, TX 77042






































5.0 Financing

5.1 Financial Statement: Available Upon Request
5.1.1 Attach a financial statement, preferably audited, including your organization's latest balance sheet and income statement showing the following items:
Current Assets (e.g., cash, joint venture accounts, accounts receivable, notes receivable, accrued income, deposits, materials inventory and prepaid expenses); Net Fixed Assets; Other Assets;
Current Liabilities (e.g., accounts payable, notes payable, accrued expenses, provision for income taxes, advances, accrued salaries and accrued payroll taxes); Other Liabilities (e.g., capital, capital stock, authorized and outstanding shares par values, earned surplus and retained earnings).  

5.1.2 Name and address of firm preparing attached financial statement, and date thereof:
5.1.3 Is the attached financial statement for the identical organization named of page one?
5.1.4 If not, explain the relationship and financial responsibility of the organization whose financial statement is provided (e.g., parent-subsidiary).

5.2 Will the organization whose financial statement is attached act as guarantor of the contract for construction?  


















6. Signature

Date at Houston this
day of

Harris County

Name of Organization: C-AIR-S Mechanical, Inc.



6.2 Being duly sworn deposes and says that the information provided herein is true and sufficiently complete so as not to be misleading.

Subscribed and Sworn before me this
day of     20
Notary Public

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